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A Changing World


Chapter 9

Lorenz announced their wedding as soon as they returned from Ordelia. It caused quite the stir amongst the old guard nobles, but Lorenz’s reputation could weather the damage. His former classmates who were either now lords or heirs sent congratulations, apparently unsurprised. Part of him worried his parents would refuse to come to the wedding, since Leonie was a commoner, but they were planning on attending. Perhaps his father had come around and finally understood that the world was changing, and they must change with it.

If only Leonie would consent to let him buy her a new gown for the wedding. She insisted upon wearing what he’d gifted her for Dimitri’s nuptials. It seemed a terrible breach of etiquette, but Leonie refused to care.

“It’s a perfectly lovely dress,” she said as she rose from their bed. “Nobody’s going to remember what I wore to Dimitri’s wedding. That was over a year ago.”

Lorenz sighed. “You would be surprised at what nobles remember.”

“And you care what they think?”

“They’re my peers—”

“Even if the common people are eventually the ones who determine who leads them?”

Lorenz closed his mouth. She had a good point, as usual.

“If you’re so desperate to spend money, pay for a commoner to attend the Fhirdiad School of Sorcery or the Officer’s Academy.”

“Very well.”

She turned to him, eyes wide. “Really?”

“The leader of your village may select a promising youth. Consider it a wedding gift. Unless you would prefer a warhorse of your own.”

Leonie bit her lip and frowned. “No, the first idea is better.”

Little did she know, she would get both. He smiled to himself.

“What are you so happy about?” she asked, still frowning.

His smile widened. “You.”

Leonie chuckled and finished getting dressed.

“Remember, we need to review the new trade agreements after you finish inspecting the troops,” he said as he picked out a crisp white shirt from his armoire.

“Great.” Leonie sighed. “What a mess.”

“Then it is a very good thing I have you to help me clean it up, my dear,” Lorenz said, and kissed her.