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Although I usually focus on original fiction, sometimes I just can’t stay away from a fandom. Originally, I used fanfiction as a way to practice certain things like characterization, setting, and pacing. I still do, especially when I want to try out something new (like focusing on romantic elements). Fandom will always hold a special place in my heart.

You can find all my work on–I’m only posting the stuff I’ve actually proofread here. The Fire Emblem: Three Houses fics can be found on AO3  as well as

Spoilers abound in all these fics, so read at your own risk.

Worlds and characters are the property of their respective trademark/copyright owners.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses (written 2020)
These fics are the MA version of the PG-13 versions I post elsewhere. The order posted below is the chronological order in which the stories occur. Each of the stories contains spoilers for the others, so they’re best read in order.

These are based on my first play-through of the game, which was the Blue Lions route.

King’s Game (Claude x Hilda, Hilclaude)

The Heart of the Matter (Sylvain x Ingrid, Silvgrid)

Fields of Duscur (Dedue x Mercedes, Mercedue)

To Sleep, To Dream (Dimitri x Flayn, Flamitri)

A Changing World (Lorenz x Leonie)




Copy-edited version coming soon

Dragon Ball Z
Copy-edited version coming soon