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To Sleep, To Dream

A Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fanfic

Posted 2020 by A. D. Pauli

As Dimitri works to cement his reign, a union with the Church of Seiros would be most advantageous, and Flayn is eager to offer a solution. But the struggles of a fledgling country aren’t all they have to worry about, for danger still slithers in the dark….


In my first run of the game, I picked the Blue Lions. I had no idea what I was doing with the romance aspect of the game, and I ended up with the Dimitri/Flayn paired ending. I was surprised and wasn’t at all convinced, so I decided to write a fanfic to see if I could convince myself. While it’s still a rarepair, I no longer mind the pairing at all. I hope you  enjoy.

Best read after Fields of Duscur, as it contains spoilers for that fic.

Note this fic contains explicit scenes (of the sexy variety). Also  contains spoilers, particularly for the Blue Lion route.

You can see all my FE3H fanart on my Deviantart page.


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